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Alsa provides 24-hour service with fully coordinated bedside-to-bedside transport. Medical staff members consult with patient's physician and assemble the appropriate medical team and equipment. Most all flights carry state of the art equipment including oxygen, suction, infusion pumps, respiratory, and intubation equipment, volume ventilator, pulse oximeter, cardiac monitor and defibrillator and cardiac medicine. We coordinate every aspect on transport, including ground transportation and the provision of records to the receiving health care facility..

Alsa Ambulance Emergency Care

We have fleet of specialized road ambulances, which can provide complete medical care to the patients for transfers within India only along with highly experienced staff, doctors and drivers. All emergency medical procedures like temporary pacemaker implantation, intra chest tube drainage, central venous cannulation, intubation and many more can be done in the ambulance itself. There are different types of ambulance services available, which are as follows:

Our system has several unique and innovative features -